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Review: LG Optimus 3D !

 I remember my first experience with holograms. Those Wayne Gretzky hockey cards were the bomb. Too bad I traded it away for some Pogs. If I ever see those older kids who tricked me, I don’t know what will happen, but it could be ugly. This phone gives that sense of the old holograms. The LG Optimus 3D gives you that same euphoric sense, and you want to show it off to everybody. Believe me, I showed it off to everyone, and surprisingly to mixed reviews. Some people thought it was the coolest thing they had ever seen on a phone, (especially young people). Others really thought the 3D was just too much and felt that it was really hard on the eyes. For me this is a really tough call. Being that this is the most important feature of this phone, I found that if you can handle the strain it puts on your eyes, it is an awesome sub feature for gaming, videos, and pictures. But is not a mainstay or a necessity. It’s like putting icing on a cinnamon bun; nice, but not necessarily needed. By the way, the 3D feature drained the battery. Dropping a 13-14 hour battery life down to 3 or 4. Nothing makes me more mad than batteries that don’t last under any circumstance. If your going to make a MOBILE PHONE, the most important feature should be that the phone should at least last one full day of heavy use. It really becomes a safety issue in which I thought mobile phones solved. So if your going to make a MOBILE PHONE, with all these neat features, make them with batteries that will last at least one full day. Could you imagine getting kidnapped and if you had an opportunity to make a call but you can’t because you spent an hour playing “Let’s Golf 3″ and the battery is completely drained. I’m spent….

I liked the screen size at 4.3 inches and boasts a strong 3D UI, which was very easy and smooth to use, but did crash randomly a few times. Something that really annoyed me was the positioning of the power button. As the power button was the only way to turn on the screen, it was quite difficult to maneuver with one hand due to the length and width of the phone. This became quite inconvenient, leaving me unsure in the design process and wondering if this was an afterthought due to the importance of the 3D camera, screen, etc. The 5 mp camera and video camera worked fine with no complaints. Taking 3D pictures was fun; but I realized that you can only show them on this phone. I took some pictures for you to look at.

Overall I loved the 3D features, but was disappointed by the inferior battery. The phone performed well but did crash a few times; however, every Android phone I have tried out has crashed a few times along the way. Would I get this phone? Probably not. The 3D features just aren’t enough for me to run out and buy it. If it were a gaming system, I would buy it. But this is a MOBILE PHONE. I don’t need it to fly to the moon, I just need it to make it through the day without running out of power. LG needs to reconsider the 3D for phones. It just doesn’t fit, albeit very cool.

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