iPhone 5 coming in June? Rumour

A lot of people (me included) thought that the iPhone 4S was really going to be the iPhone 5.  Turned out that we were wrong and Apple decided to just add some more power under the hood of the iPhone 4.

Just this week we have heard some news from a recruiter at the Foxconn Factory in Taiyuan, China as saying that Apple will release its next-generation iPhone in June.  A Japanese Business show even ran a story on the upcoming release.  In one part of the broadcast you can hear a woman ask the Foxconn recruiter how many people Foxconn is looking to employ.  ”We’re looking for 18,000 employees…for the fifth-generation phone,” he said.  ”Is that because demand is high for the ‘iPhone 5?’” she asked.  ”That’s right. It will come out in June.”

Apple hasn’t said anything publicly about the iPhone 5, and why would they when the newest iPad is selling as if people have never owned an iPad before.

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source via appleinsider

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